Giftease Technologies Pvt Ltd
A well known e-commerce company


Poona Institute of Management Sciences & Entrepreneurship (PIMSE)
A renowned Management School. A division of Poona College.


A leading global company in Software.


Ansh Systems
A young & dynamic Software organization.


Seco Tools
A leading Manufacturer and supplier of carbide cutting tools and associated equipment.


Strudcom Consultants
One of the most well-known Structural Consultants.


Renowned caterers and food suppliers to all leading MNCs.


Christ College
A reputed Educational Institute.


Army Public School
A Prestigious Army School on Dehu Road, Pune.


"The program was focussed on Effective Communication, Time Management & Team Building for our Design and Structural Engineers. The best part about the training was the practical application to our business"

Nikhil Inamdar
Director, Strudcom Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

"The training for us and our team was on Mind Training, Time Management, Team Building and Ethical, Professional Behaviour & Ownership at Work. The program was good. The content was easy to understand, comprehend and implement."

Anand Menon
Head – Buying & Merchandising, Giftease Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"Ms. Dewan's session for 50 educators of Army Public School, was comprehensive and exhaustive. Her approach was interactive and interspersed with anecdotes and experiences. She was able to hold the attention of the educators effectively and could create a perfect learning environment for the audience. She is an experienced and excellent Soft Skills Trainer."

Paramita Nandy
Principal, Army Public School

"The evaluation obtained from the participants of your session on ‘Effective Communication Skills' is very outstanding. It was our pleasure to learn wonderful things. We found that you are the 'Brand' and 'Model' for Communication Skills. Our students enjoyed a lot with the games and activities and developed interpersonal skills."

Dr. Ejaz Ahmed Qureshi
Director, Poona Institute of Management Sciences & Entrepreneurship

"In short the training program was nothing but a live demonstration of making the subject of Team building very interesting, informative and enjoyable. Participants were encouraged to contribute their views and take active part in the program. I am sure that the training program will go a long way in achieving the enhanced team spirit in my organisation. Please keep up the good work."

Ramesh Jakhalekar
Technical Head, Strudcom Consultants

"Our training was focussed on Effective Communication, Time Management & Team Building. What I liked most about the training was it's relevance to practical day-to-day life."

Piyush Shankhwar
Project Manager, Ansh Systems

"I belong to a developing town. When I came to Pune in search of a job, I was not much confident. But when I joined Vivacite, I started role-playing in the sessions. That really helped me a lot. I learnt many things that enhanced my confidence. Also Sonika Ma'am's nature helped me to learn more, as she was very friendly and made me comfortable."

Navdeep Kaur
Management Student

"I liked the concepts of mind training. Overall the training was very useful. I can see myself as a more positive person. I am trying to apply the learnt concepts everyday."

Vishal Mande
IT Professional, Eaton Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"I liked it very much. It is going to help me throughout my further life. This program helped me to get re-introduced to myself. Thanks Sonika. I am feeling more confident and focussed towards my destination - SUCCESS."

Dr. Aparna Dinesh Chavan
Doctor in Ayurveda

"The cordial and friendly nature of the Director, Sonika Ma’am, was really helpful. I am proud to have such a teacher as my guide, who showed me the path which led to my development. She also solved my problems by clarifying my doubts. Each and every concept was explained in details."

Siddhesh N. Baheti

"Training was very helpful. We were taught all the skills, we need to develop. But we never think about those. Infact I am following all the instructions in my routine life and it works."

Tejaswita A. Misal
Quality Analyst, I Health Technologies

"The role-plays and the stand up sessions we did during the training, followed by feedbacks we received, were the best part of the program. It made me realise the areas where I am lacking and learnt the tricks & techniques to improve."

Pranav Dhawan
Actuarial Analyst, AXA Business Services

"I have gone through the corporate grooming program, Brand You. I really liked the delivery style of the trainer. In fact I found the overall program excellent."

Kalpana Sandeep Tayade
Software Engineer, Tieto Software Ltd.

"I learnt a lot from the power of positive attitude, communication style and the best were examples cited for every topic."

Parag K Kumbhar
Manager Systems, Kran Rader