About Us

In earlier times, Finishing schools were created to help give young women a more complete education. This program followed after the highest educational level attained by the young women, hence the term "finishing". Finishing schools differ in great variety in present, to accommodate the fast changing society and their different needs. In today's world a Finishing School helps girls and boys, men and women in 'Developing Skills For Life'.

Vivacite Finishing School is the first of its kind endeavor in Pune, established with a vision of enhancing Life Skills in individuals.
Vivacite goes far beyond the strict rules of etiquette and offers a fresh approach to contemporary social as well as business skills and image management. We teach how best to evaluate each social and business circumstance and to respond with appropriate dress and behavior depending on a variety of cultural considerations. Vivacite focuses on using image as an effective communication tool to develop a personal and professional image brand.

Our Vision

Vivacite’s vision is to help each one, in creating a signature brand of their personality! Vivacite Finishing School specialises in Soft Skills& Behavioral Skills Training for Individuals, Corporate and Educational Institutes. Vivacite conducts varied certification programs for professionals, entrepreneurs, students, homemakers, teenagers and small children alike.

Vivacite is One Stop for all your needs in:
Confidence Building & Positive Attitude, Etiquette & Social Grace, Effective Communication Skills, Personality Enhancement, Public Speaking Skills, Interview Skills, Stress Management, Presentation Skills and Corporate Grooming.

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